"Would You Like An Extra $35,617? Ya, Stupid Question & Here's The Answer... OF COURSE! & The Lead That Paid This Profit Was Delivered On A Back Of A Napkin!!" (details below)

Hey, Real Estate Investors...Get the Fresh HOT Leads First & Let Your Competition Fight Over The Scrapes. The MONEY IS IN THE LEADS!!!

Date: Tuesday, August 10… 5:33 AM

Dear Fellow Real Estate Investors,

My name is Dan Kleinke & I was a “Foreclosure Buying Junkie”…

I guess I still am in a lot of ways but have a few systems in place to control myself now… and make it very profitable. And if the “American Dream” is to live in a beautiful home, drives nice cars, provide my family with a very comfortable life & retire early… I was there.

“I admit it man, I Was HOOKED. Finding heavily discounted foreclosures in Sweet Areas became an OBSESSION… I couldn’t focus on anything else and as the money started rolling in, it just got out of control! The money was just sitting there & all I wanted to do was make deals & bank serious money…And I did it man, making over $220K a year than It All Came Tumbling Down & I Lost Everything!!”


It wasn’t always that way, I came from a very humble childhood and lived in government housing where the cops knew the name of my projects well…and we saw the “Peace Officers” often. The snapshot below is an actual photo of where I grew up ( I snapped this photo a few years ago…the place has improved), the start of my “Rags To Riches To Rags To Riches” journey…



At the tender age of 21, I moved to Sarasota, Fl where I finished my degree in Business & ended up working for WAMU (Washington Mutual Bank). They offered a “Neg AM” loan that was tailored to investors and was One Sweet Loan that required little cash down & insanely low monthly payments to help cash flow on investment properties.

I studied this program inside & out and soon became the “the guy” to call for all the major players who invested on the Gulf Coast of Florida. I worked non stop giving seminars, attending RE Investor meetings, playing golf with these cats, always being around them…And always learning from them. They brought me into a their inner circle & showed my the secrets to Real Money in real estate investing.



These investors did that ONE thing Really Well…Get there First!

Over the next five years, I learned the true secrets to massive wealth in the real estate business. You have to remember that these guys had been doing this for twenty years or more, way before it was popular. These are the guys the whole real estate investing craze was started around, all the late night infomercials, seminars, DVD’s, etc…

And it kept coming back to the leads, Multiple Streams of Lead Referrals.

Having multiple streams of referrals so you could pick & choose your deals, structure your financing… on your terms, …etc. Some of these properties they flipped for thousands in quick cash, some they simply rented out for a lifetime stream of monthly income, and some they re-assigned the right to purchase to another investor for a fee of anywhere from $5K – 50K…It always came back to the quality & quantity of the leads!!!



Again, I understand that are many components to making ridiculous money in the RE investment market, just like there are 100 ways to lose major bucks in this business also. But the bottom line to their success was that they have a network, several different sources of lead generation streams that gave them multiple opportunities to bid on desirable properties that offered the greatest profit return in the shortest amount of time, or “Limited Exposure” as it is called.

So I went to work on duplicating this system right down to the exact verbiage these investors used in classified ads, mailing pieces, phone scripts, etc… I literally became a machine on trying & testing every technique that I had learned from these masters and within months, I was pulling in more leads that I could follow up on.

Within a year, the leads & the money was pouring in…but my marriage & my relationship with my boys started to dive. I saw it happening right before my eyes, just like watching a train wreck in slow motion. But the system I built was so strong & delivering so many quality leads … something had to give.

And than, that’s when it happened…

I was doing so well with investing that banks & other investors started contacting me to see if I need additional funds for more properties. You have to understand that at the height of my success back than, I had developed a system to generate such hot leads and a network of investors to either buy them from me or give me capital to either flip or rehab and rent, I had created an ATM machine.

I was generating over a hundred leads a month to research & pick from, so I was always in need of more capital, but the deals were so sweet that even the most conservative bankers were impressed & extended their hand for a safe and modest return. That’s when the trouble began…I felt invincible & my ego allowed me to wander outside my knowledge base of property investing. I started taking on bigger properties like commercial buildings & multi-family units, places I had no business being. I was strictly (and still am today) a 1-4 unit guy in select areas because that is where I get the best return on the least amount of cash risk & can wholesale them in 2 weeks if bought right, not to mention that are literally MILLIONS of them nationwide. But I saw a chance for more profit & better cash flow on the commercial and greed got the best of me

One day I get a call from another investor about a 24 unit on the Southside, good blue class part of town with hard working folks that generally pay their rent (So I thought). Everything checked out as far as being a good foreclosure deal (there is an essential list I share with you in the course) except the occupancy was at about 60% because the owner had been collecting rent for several months but hadn’t done any maintenance and wasn’t trying to rent the place. Actually he was taking applications & security deposits but left everyone hanging once they tried to move in. In other words, he was sucking the place dry & than planned to skip town, which he did.

One thing you need to know about banks is that they are not in the real estate business & HATE having to deal with foreclosures. This particular bank that owned this property was a state chartered bank and had no desire to make this a long term affair, they wanted out fast which was good for me. I actually knew the person in charge of loss mitigation & gave him a call to see what we could work out. Long story short, I negotiated a good deal (Not Excellent/ No Brainer deal which totally deviated from my past successes) so I just needed to set up financing.

Banks wouldn’t touch this deal because I had no experience in Multi-Units or rehabbing & managing on that big of scale, so I went to another real estate investor I trusted and had done business with before. He actually tried to talk me out of it but I was persuasive and finally got him to come on board…but at a price. I had 4 duplexes that I pretty much stole from the banks on short sales & was receiving a nice monthly cash flow. He insisted that I cross-collateralize those properties (use as security) as well as put up 75K cash for rehab, which by the way was ALL I had put away.

But I saw big residual income off the rents once it was fully rented as well as a huge payday when we sold it after rehab & fully occupancy…Thank you EGO!!

 Well, the rest is history as well as all my properties & 75K in cash. We did close on the deal & what happened after that was a complete nightmare because I was in way over my head. The cash flow from the remaining tenants didn’t even cover the PITI on the property, and the expenses were GiNormous…roof leaked, furnace issues, city hit use with code compliance violations, drug dealers which were driving the good tenants away, etc. To me, it was like watching a train wreck in slow motion & I was the one standing on the tracks.

Eventually, I just signed all my properties over to my partner. Turns out he sold them, put the cash back into the property, hired a competent management company and is doing fine. As far as my 75K…History, as well as my reputation at that time. Everyone from my accountant to my bank buddies to all the other real estate investors I knew just shook their heads in disgust.


 So here I was, no cash and my credibility & confidence was in the toilet. To say that I had just went through a “Teachable Moment” would be an understatement, but I had to bounce back. A mortgage, 5 kids and a beautiful wife that I cherished & respected was all the motivation that I needed. I wish I had the luxury of feeling sorry for myself, but the world never stops spinning & the bills never stop hitting my mailbox, so I got back to the basics.

I will be the first to admit that I suck at most things in life, but there are a few things that I truly rock in. I had developed a lead generation system that targeted 1-4 unit residential properties that proved me with FRESH HOT Leads and proved a six figure income…& it ROCKED! So I sat down with my beautiful wife (who was still in shock at losing over 250K in cash & real estate) and asked for one more chance.

She agreed on two conditions…First, I will never stray from what made my super successful by getting into commercial / multi-units, etc. And second, spend more time with her & our boys. You have to remember that I was completely obsessed (addicted is a better word) to getting to the best foreclosure deals FIRST. I agree, cranked up the lead generation machine and was back on top within a few months. I still had all my contacts (I will show you how to develop a bullet proof network) and this wave of foreclosures will continue by some estimates from 5 -10 years!


As I shared with you earlier, after just a few months…I was making the right people a lot of money with incredible foreclosure opportunities generated through this lead system.

Here is a secret I will share with you that most experienced investors already know, get the fresh leads & ALSO have a network set up that  you can turn these leads into Quick Cash!

All Of Us Have Heard It….Why would someone with all this knowledge & making all this money spend the time to put something like together. The answer is pretty simple…residual income. Why not share the knowledge in a platform that provides what I call “Mailbox Money”, money that is deposited directly into an account without any effort on your part. Guess what that sounds like, real estate. If you have bought right, rehabbed right & selected a competent management company to handle those properties, you receive residual income without any more effort on your side. I it is one of the many beauties of real estate and is also the reason why I put this course together & offered it online.

How about this one… “Why would this guy share their secrets with everyone else? Than it’s not a secret anymore & everyone is using these techniques to make money…Why kill the Golden Goose?” I can understand the question….but Really?. Look around, there are MILLIONS of Bank REO’s, Pre-Foreclosures, Foreclosures, etc. There is no way someone with even the most successful system & a boat load of cash could dominate this market.

There is room for everyone and another reality is that of all the people that will take advantage of this course, only a small percentage will actually put in the time or effort to make it succeed. The system does work Period. It has been test and been profitable for over 10 years & will make me hundreds of thousands more in profit in the future. If you want to take advantage and save yourself years of Trial & Error, go for you… but it will require work just like anything in life & most people simply won’t put the effort in.

As I shared with you earlier, after just a few months…I was making the right people a lot of money with incredible foreclosure opportunities generated through this lead system.

Here is a secret I will share with you that most experienced investors already know, get the fresh leads & ALSO have a network set up that  you can turn these leads into Quick Cash!

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Want Bigger Profits on You Flips Or More Rental Income

Off Your Investment Properties? …

The Money Is Made In The FRESH LEADS!!

I mean, you and I are out there taking risks everyday as real estate investor, right. So why throw more risk on top of it? Why fight for property lead scrapes that are left over by your competition that you’ll probably have to pay more for because now everyone knows about them and the bidding is more intense. Or have to take on a major rehab because that’s your only chance to turn some big money at the moment.

The Technique That Made Me $35,617

Here’s What Happened…

I recruited a postman to keep an eye out for properties that may be available in an area I like. One day, he handed me an address & name on the back of a napkin (the napkin was packed in his lunch). Immediately I made some inquires and found out the owner was now staying in a rest home and the son had power of attorney…and a desire to sell since he lived out of state. I negotiated a deal, closed, and flipped the home within 2 months for a $35,617 in profit!!

Here’s the point, to be successful…to beat your competitors to the REAL Money, you have to completely blanket an area that you are comfortable with & know the value of the housing market AND have a system in place where the people that operate or live in that area will contact you if there is even the SLIGHTEST hint that a property may become available.


Think About That For A Minute,

 I Mean Really Let It Sink In…

Imagine yourself in the following scenario:


YOU are the First to get this lead

YOU are the First to contact the seller

YOU are the First to be able to walk through the property

YOU are the First to make an offer On YOUR Terms before anyone else even knows about it

The key to huge profits in these real estate investing is getting leads before your competitors know about them. There are expensive services out there that will put you on a list for pre-foreclosures, but here again, you’re on a list along with hundred of other these real estate investors. My system will get you there FIRST…That’s where the real money is when buying & selling properties!

So Let’s Summarize Up To This Point… The following system is for the investor that is serious about making a lot of money in real estate Without Major Risks & Wants Huge Rewards. It all start with getting Fresh Leads and Lots Of Them!!


This system will show you the secrets of not only getting leads that haven’t even yet gone through foreclosure like simply motivated sellers & pre-foreclosure (short Sales), but also Several Streams of Leads straight from the US Government …The Largest Seller of Real Estate In The World!! With my system, you will have immediate access to agencies such as HUD, FHA, VA, and So Many More!

Why wait for the leftovers…Pick & Choose the properties that will make you massive profits on resale or lifetime streams of income on rentals. Either way, Save Time & Money by doing the research from the comfort of your own home on newly released properties emailed daily!


“As a seasoned investor, I thought I saw it all. This system made what I usually do a lot easier with half the effort & making more money!”
Jackie Mille... Norcross, GA

“Made the process easy, saw results within the first month and getting better everyday…”
Glen Hueber… Montgomery, AL

“Jeannie & I didn’t really know what to expect but now love the system & have already closed 1 deal with a net profit of 26K”
Edward Magruder… Scranton, OH

“Pretty incredible info, wish I would have discovered this system years ago…”

Jack Mellen… Norcross, GA

“Just received a lead last week that I wholesaled for a quick $5200.”

Linda James… Damascus, MD

“The process is definitely laid out in detail, very easy to follow…”

Carol Nerman…Wausau, WI

“Booted up the system & within 3 weeks I had accepted on 2 prime properties that werent even on the market yet.”

Matthew LaSelle…Pittsburgh, PA

“Amazing insight on how to negotiate a deal with other investors & real estate agents, strategies that have made me money…”

Gayle Reynolds…Lynch, NE

“Made sense on where to get started…program is laid out step-by-step to get leads rolling in right away.”

Rosemary Carney…Mobile, AL

“I Thought the World’s Greatest Script was awesome but to long, so I modified it and now use my version to qualify buyers in a matter of minutes.”

Denise Anderson…Pacifica, CA

“AutoPilot System is REAL. Getting leads from sources I had never thought about before…”

Yanick Vera…Dodge City, MN

“Awesome system to save time & stop chasing bad leads, the results rock…”

Glennda Barrett…Memphis, TN

“Never knew that there where that many foreclosures out there, so many leads are flowing in now that the system is cranked up…”

Vance Reid…Oklahoma City, OK

“The big investors are actually reaching out to us for fresh foreclosure leads, Mary & I want to Thank you for continued success….”

David Henry…Foxsboro, MA

“Streamlined the whole foreclosure lead generation process for my real estate investment while making a ton more cash on my flips, wish I would of discovered these techniques years ago…”

Brad Pearson…Waterford, MI

“My partner & I have built our whole system for getting rael estate leads around this system…the results are amazing.”

Ginny Williams…Aurora, OR

“As successful as I have been in the real estate investment market, I found plenty of new & excellent information…”

Thomas Vaughn…Chicago, IL

“Getting the fresh pre-foreclosure opportunities was always a challenge, not anymore with this system…”

Roger Pressic…El Darado, KS

“I do this from my home now & just get refferal fees, it’s easy but does take some organizational skills….”

Mark Lewison… Cleburne, TX

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 I have already made it big, now it’s your turn to share in the wealth. Believe me, there are so many excellent investment opportunities on a daily basis, you & I couldn’t handle all of them even if we wanted to so I’m not afraid of too much competition at the top. Unfortunately for many investors…& their families, there are thousands more foreclosures out there that are true dogs and these less educated players will probably blow their life savings chase the dream of wealth & prosperity. You don’t have to be one of those, learn the secrets of the Pro’s & Start Succeeding Today!

 Warm Regards,

Dan Kleinke

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